Everyone say hello (again:) to Reese!  We were so happy to meet Reese and her parents for her six month old photo shoot!  We have already developed quite a bond with little Reese.  We were there while she was still in her mom’s belly, and we were there on the day she was born!  Now here she is, six months old and full of personality.  I can only hope I’m still holding a camera on the day she gets married!  Reese, we love watching you grow.  You are such a blessing to your parents and we can hardly wait to see you again!

Please enjoy some of our favorites from our beautiful afternoon with Reese!

  • sarah der - This is completely outrageous. Puppy+baby+pumpkin costume+such beautiful parents=way too much for me to handle–so dang cute!

  • Becky - She is adorable! My favorite is the black and white one where she’s looking straight in the camera, or the one with the puppy, or the last one in the pumpkin suit!

  • Kristen - Aww look at my little fuzz head! The sun must have really accentuated all her new blonde hair sprouting up 🙂 Haha, the pictures are so cute Graham & Sam! Thanks so so much! As always, we really appreciate you two capturing such sweet moments with our little lady and will treasure them always! 🙂 See you soon enough, i’m sure 😉

  • Brittany L. - I randomly clicked on this page, and oh my gosh, that is the cutest baby I have ever seen. Ever. Look at that fuzzy head, and her adorable, intelligent expression! She looks like a little fairy or something. What a cutie. And I’m totally not the type to go nuts over babies.

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