Heirloom Box


This post has been in the works for a good while now, and we are incredibly happy to finally share our newest client product – our Heirloom Box! We have been dreaming of this product and it is so exciting to finally see it being packaged and shipped to our clients.

We worked alongside Graham’s father to create our custom design box and we photographed the box as it was in progress in the shop. The talented men who designed, sourced, built and stained our boxes blew us away by their attention to detail and their mastery of their craft. We are humbled to share a selection of images from the creation of our latest client product.

We are happy to offer our Heirloom Box as a part of our wedding packages. The box includes a custom flash drive, selection of fine prints and a delicious smelling candle. We designed the box to be able to hold a few of the pieces from your wedding day that you will want to keep forever (your invitation suite, letters to each other, perfume, your printed vows …)

This box makes our hearts sing and we are so grateful for the time and effort into making them custom for Graham Terhune Photography (we especially love the bow ties!) It will be our joy to send them to many happy homes!


  • Em - Amazing!! The bow ties are just perfect. What lucky clients!

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