4 Days of Local Giving – day two!

Thanks to everyone who left us a comment on yesterday’s post. We are going to keep each giveaway entry open until Sunday, December 16 (so you still have plenty of time to enter!)

Today we are pretty excited to announce that we are sending one lucky commenter a $50 gift card to Great Outdoor Provision Company!

To enter:

  • “Like” us on Facebook
  • Leave us a comment below about why you would enjoy a giftcard to Great Outdoor Provision Co. Would you keep it for yourself or give it away?
  • Let your friends know!

We will pick all of our winners on Monday, December 17.

  • david - who wouldn’t love a GOP gift card! they pretty much have everything…

  • allie - gosh we could use this towards our first 2-person canoe. to keep our marriage “afloat”. πŸ™‚

  • Genevieve Gerngross - Hi ho, Hi ho, its off to hike we go!

    Arguably our favorite store, D and I head over to GOP often just to browse. We drool over the gear we COULD be wearing on one of our regular hikes. We try on shoes or jackets; hats or sunglasses, wishing we were as cool as those Northwestern outdoorsmen. We talk about “how rad it would be” to “rock” Patagonia head to toe and then we look at ourselves in the mirror and realize that we are so far off base if that were ever to be our end goal. We rarely, if ever, leave the store after purchasing more than a Clif Bar or two (no thanks to pinching pennies for our upcoming nuptials), but hey, its ok to dream right?

    One day someday soon, we’ll look cool on our hikes too.

    Hi-ho, hi-ho, hi ho ho ho!

  • kendall - Would LOVE this gift card. I would spend it on my amazing athlete of a sister! One of her fav stores, (and mine)!

  • Joshy - As you may know, I rarely venture into the wild world of the outdoors; deferring to a game or match on TV instead. However, your photography of GOP has created a new itch for me to explore and a potential stone for me to turn. But wait…I have no gear! I would greatly appreciate the GOP Gift Card as motivation to try new things in the new year.

  • Alison A - This would be an awesome prize! I’m done Christmas shopping so I would keep this little prize for myself πŸ™‚ A new pair of Toms or a fleece jacket are much needed!

  • Taylor Hewett - Forty-one years ago, in a stroke of youthful genius (I was but 8 then), I concocted a magnificent rendering of Monte Fitz Roy, a mountain near El Chalten village in Patagonia, South America. I saw a picture of the mountain while browsing an older edition of National Geographic, and quickly entered a trance-like state of aesthetic enlightenment.
    The drawing, though little more than several contour lines of various hues, was a hit with family and friends. My grandfather, a big fan of my artwork, framed and hung the piece in his living room, just above the stone hearth.

    Months later, on a particularly dark and blustery Christmas Eve, a stranger came to the door as we sat for our holiday meal. My grandfather answered and, for a moment as the door swung wide, I saw nothing but swirling clouds of white snow, a light confectioner’s dusting momentarily bespeckled the hardwoods.
    I heard not the conversation between my grandfather and this stranger of the night, but it seemed to be of great importance. The howling winds were pieced only by their hushed, exaggerated tones, and my grandfather’s occasional outburst of what seemed to be extreme agitation.
    I do recall, however — and I will never forget this moment — briefly glimpsing the stranger from the limited view I gained at the dinner table. He was tall, and garbed abundantly in what appeared to be exotic furs and plush, indigenous wools. His face, hidden mostly behind a patterned, vougish scarf, was tan and rough-textured, no doubt conditioned by years of exposure to harsh winds and bright sunlight. I though to myself, from whence comes this strange man? His eyes, though — Oh, those eyes! — were piercing orbs of silver, not unlike the wind-lashed snowy peaks of the Andes. As the conversation between my grandfather and this man seemed to settle, I noticed his eyes scanning the room. For a brief moment, they fixed upon the hearth, and then, inexplicably, upon my drawing. As if shaken by this, he bid a swift adieu to my grandfather and, as he turned to leave, gave me one last penetrating gaze.

    The man, according to my grandfather, was Yvon Chouinard, an old buddy from UT Law with whom my grandfather had participated in Vietnam protests. Incidentally, it was the very same man who would go on to found Patagonia Clothing, Inc., a company whose stark, minimalist logo depicting the Monte Fitz Roy would one day become an icon of outdoor living and recreation.

    Please, I have received no royalties from this egregious act of plagiarism. Not even a Patagonia fleece.

  • John - I love Great Outdoor Provision Company! I do write a hiking blog, after all. There are so many possibilities…using it to help buy a solo tent, GoPro camera, fly reel/rod, or a new sleeping pad all sound like good ideas.

  • Elise - Great Outdoor Provision Company is amazing!

  • Sarah Der! - Hmmmmmm were those TOMS I spied up there!?

    You guys are really cute! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU NEXT WEEK! Just sayin.

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  • Ariel - I would love a gift card for Great Outdoor Provision because I looove comfy pullovers πŸ™‚

  • Jennifer - I love GOP! My dog chewed my Toms…so I would probably buy another pair. : )

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